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WESH 2 CommUNITY Champion: Orlando non-profit inspires kids to dream big

November 17, 2024


By Weekend Anchor: Christina Watkins


November 17, 2023, Orlando, FL – MAN UP Mentoring, Inc.  has been inspiring children in Central Florida for nearly a decade.


The organization believes in connecting, serving, leading and empowering,

"The earlier you reach these kids, just give them hope. Most of the kids out here, committing crimes and whatnot, they just lost hope and have given up. There are some young, beautiful men out here just waiting for an opportunity," said the founder, Christopher Wallace.


MAN UP helps transform young men into trailblazers, but first, Wallace says it's up to them to take the step and work toward something better for their future.

"I understand that the choices we make not only affects us, but it affects the people around us and the people that we love," Wallace said.


"So, to get them to see there's light in them, not just around them, you have to expose them, most of all and get involved at home. Try to get your parents on board to understand your child, your son, could do great things."


MAN UP provides unique opportunities such as community service, college tours, sporting events, business meetings, and gardening in the Washington Shores Community.


There are also special programs.


"We're doing a financial literacy and reading literacy program. There are currently 14 young men that are in it because it's structured. So, you come for six weeks and we're going through a program where you learn about finances, not only how to earn money, but how to save money, invest money and how money can be used as a tool," Wallace says.


Wallace's efforts to create a better Central Florida and help our youth stand tall on their feet is why MAN UP Mentoring is a WESH 2 Community Champion.

He's grateful for all the volunteers and support from his employer. Now, he's calling on others to join in.


"We need the community to get more involved, be more understanding, have compassion and empathy. You know, just reach out in any way you can. Some people may only be able to do it financially, and some people may have that gift to come out and be part of it."


Click here to volunteer or donate to MAN UP Mentoring.


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To learn more about MAN UP Mentoring, Inc. please visit



About MAN UP Mentoring, Inc:


MAN UP Mentoring, Inc. (MAN UP) is community-based 501c (3) organization and an affiliate of My Brother’s Keeper Orlando primarily serving at-risk youth ages 11 through completion of high school or the equivalent across Metro Orlando, with a focus on delinquency prevention and intervention by providing social, educational and mentoring services. Established in 2014 by Orlando natives, brother and sister duo Christopher and Samantha Wallace. Currently, it is managed by an executive director, contractors, and a full-time staff of volunteers. MAN UP is overseen by a Board of Directors with more than 150 years of law enforcement and civilian experience, as well as advisors from the Orange County Public-school System and social services. Visit

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